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  • To enhance health services in Iraq , the intentions have been established around rendering adequate general medical services , as well as specialized ones .

  • One of these specialized services is related to cardiac care both on prevention and treatment levels . Hence , the construction of a specialized cardiac diseases centre has been an important issue in this sense .

  • The cardiac diseases centre where highly techno – medical interactions occur is intended to be situated in Baghdad . Probably this centre which may be considered “ National “ , demands proper methodologies in tackling problems of planning , designing , constructing , equipping , and maintaining . So is the case in order to provide advanced medical care ‘ probably the latest ‘ to its patients .
    Careful considerations forth whole centre policies are adopted. The extend of services to be provided ( Role Statement ) , the functional structure of the centre , the management structure and organization , and the procedures and activities which apply to those activities / services which link or are common to individual sections / zones / departments was incorporated too.

Some points were considered important while designing the centre:

  1. The departmental policies with respect to role , functional description , and interdepartmental relationships .

  2. Schedules of accommodation ( list of room ) for each department in a tabulated format . It contains groupings of rooms within the department which have reflected the internal adjacencies .

  3. Description and analyses the architectural planning and design of the proposed ( suggested ) solution / design of the Cardiac Centre .

  4. Demonstrate the constructional methods , mechanical Engineering Considerations, Sanitary works parameters , and Electrical works assumptions, concentrations on constructional method are highlighted here. 

Main planning and design issues are related to the nature of the cardiac centre , site characteristics , and the local “ Iraqi “ impacts on design .

The nature of the centre is a collection of complex systems that form the very centre. The complexity stems from the interaction between, medical, technical, and social issues. Thus the followings will describe and analyze the site of the proposed cardiac centre in order to justify many impacts on the proposed and enclosed design solution.

The site analyses :
The site is located on River Tigris bank in Baghdad – Risafah in the medical city complex. The site is contours in topography .It slopes from the main street towards river bank in a ( 3.00) meters difference of height. This is a feature that designer is preferred to invest and minimizing excavation by adapting design to slopped site is important in this urban site case. The site faces west orientation on one hand but this orientation is facing river scenery on the other. This puts designer in dilemma, either facing west to get scenery but pay the price of the most expensive energy expenditure or ignore the important scenery and face south or any other ( except west ) orientation.

However, the nature of the cardiac centre in terms of activities, functions and services type has a noticeable impact on zoning, and functional relationship between the cardiac centre sections and departments .In addition the site characteristics have impact on design too. The topography, the orientation, the access from roads, the shape the area, ………etc., of the given site have impacts on design too. The local factors ought to be considered, such as climate and social issues, patient – medical patterns of interaction, and cultural issues in Iraq. The following paragraphs will demonstrate the way the proposed design of the cardiac centre has utilized these characteristics in order to meet client objectives, ensure functionalism, match local resources, and give some aesthetics to the design.

However, one word should be said about the enclosed proposed design ( it can only fit the given site , i.e., it can not fit any other site easily. It is well tailored to fit site. It considers most of the given factors. However there are many other designs that can fit the given site, but from few unimportant criteria, such as design shape and geometry. For example, standard and common design layouts which are many can be introduced to this site. They may be functional, economical but lacks the spirit of being “Cardiac” in real sense. The proposed design should leave the commonly practiced attempts of designing since it is “National” and occupies on of the most “beautiful” urban site in the capital Baghdad.

The enclosed design of the cardiac center was built on a developed brief / programmed which was derived from literature of cardiac and cardiovascular medicine. The design had allocated some of the main departments / section in the lowest level / basement. These were the patient department C.S.S.D., central kitchen, engineering services, central stores, main canteen, main lecture hall, which is a part of the proposed Iraqi cardiovascular research headquarter . On the basement level the design allocated the diagnostic and treatment services too. In addition to the administrative section of the cardiovascular headquarter the patients wards both, medical and surgical and medical, and nursing staff accommodations had been on the Ground, First, Second and Third levels.

So far the description is ordinary and may be similar to any other cardiac centre, but what is not ordinary in this sense is what the design reveals.

  1. the adoption of the heart shape in the design .

  2. the utilization of some related issues to the cardiac world in the design .The design adopted “the open heart surgery” concept too.

  3. drawing analogy to cardiovascular world like operating tools ,knife, needle and valve was also seen in design .

  4. as cardiovascular field needs fast and quick arrangements and communication with other parts of the world by (dicom) systems, like the human blood circulation arteries veins via: heart openings, the design consists of reference to arteries, veins, heart openings so barreled and vaulted skylights, courtyards opening are utilized in the proposed design. The library “centre of science "was accommodated in a heart shaped dome which is open referring to open heart concept of surgery.

Investing site characteristics:
The characteristics of site were respected such as the contour lines . The lowest floor was situated as half basement as no major excavation and cut in site was made and the contour lines were adopted properly Ground floor level was made above street level to minimize excavation and costs . River Tigris bank was used to get some view but avoiding west orientation for major spaces thus sacrifice scenery for energy savings, which are vital in Iraq.

Considerations of Local Factors:
The local issues of Iraq were also considered in the design such as the court in Baghdadi house as many courts “light wells” were deployed in the proposed design. That was because of the cardiac centre design that was characterized by straight lines of circulation pattern with loops of rectangular angled corridors to simulate the closed blood circulation in human body. Other features of Islamic-Arab architecture were adopted to make double coded sign of architecture, e.g., the library is accommodated in a cut and toppled heart but it looks like a dome. The same thing follows to the skin wall that surrounds the heart “look - like” mass that housed the proposed Iraqi Cardiovascular Headquarters. It can be explained as the outer membrane of the human heart, at the apex of the heart but it simulates the fortified walls of Baghdad City in Abbasid Era.



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