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Feasibility Studies
General Teaching Hospital

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This summarizes the basic and important principles of planning and design of a 500- Beds Teaching General Hospital.
The nature of such types of hospitals has noticeable impacts on planning and design. Since teaching, large added areas on departments and circulation levels are traced. Again 500 Beds General Hospital is huge institute of different medical specialties that have various and in many cases contradictory requirements. It is some time like designing an institutionalized city.
The hospitals departments, operational policies and interdepartmental relationships are outlined... The tabulates area in (m2) of the hospital main departments and accommodations is shown. The architectural design philosophy, concepts, description and drawing are demonstrated.

Architectural Design Philosophy
The architectural design concept is drawn from:

  1. The teaching nature of the hospital as this will enlarge built area per bed dramatically, especially its large size itself (500) beds.

  2. The need for easy traffic of movement of thousands users /day.

  3. The site is at Iraq where different architectural features are adopted from those elsewhere; i.e. , the locality of Iraq, Baghdad as Arab-Islamic architecture features are recommended to reflect the essence of the site.

  4. The adoption the most durable and fast methods of construction.

Thus, the output, i.e., the design; can be mainly described as a network of circulation routes (corridors) that are perpendicular to each other sharing one main circulation route (corridor) the main hospital street). This street has the two main vertical cores; lifts to different hospital floors. Each floor has this hospital street.
The design adopts at the Basement level most of the Services departments; central Kitchen, Laundry, Central stores, C.S.S.D., Changing cubicles, Morgue, Pharmaceutical procedures, Engineering Services and Maintenance Workshop.
On the ground level where the heavy traffic is respected, the outpatients department, the physiotherapy, Radiology and Imaging, medical records, emergency and main entrance of a cafeteria are located. Small praying area and cafeteria nearby the outpatient department are also provided. Administration department, admission and control desk are also housed on this level On the first level, central labs, dialysis unit Delivery theatres, cesarean operating theatres, new born unit, premature, research labs, teaching facilities, main lecture hall, Banquet and library are housed On the second level, operating theatre, I.C.U., C.C.U., Catheterization labs, and two surgical (Acute) are housed On the third, forth, fifth, sixth and seventh floors (levels) wards are housed

Note:- Drawings enclosed show the above mention description


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