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Feasibility Studies
Diabetic National Center

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The centre will facilitates main and specialist diagnostic and treatment services on the in-and outpatient’s basis, in Baghdad. It is expected that it will serve a dense populated catchments area since Endocrine Gland and Diabetes cases are referred systematically to this center. It will render central and highly specialized care for diabetes patients for it will be the first national specialized center for such diseases . Architectural design concepts are largely stemmed from providing a blend of technology and the traditional Arab-Islamic architectural forms. The design had incorporated a solid mass with many carved zones to accommodate the functions of the project. On exterior matching architectural elements are exposed on the facades to resemble those traditional.

The planning principles provide the appropriate access and entrance arrangements to cater for easy patients / visitors access. Orientation and desired characters of the building was well thought of in terms of climatic issues thus compactness of the mass was introduced though site area had contributed to that too in this 200 beds specialized centre.


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