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The significance of this project stems from the fact that it will close a big gape within the medical services submitted to the citizens of Baghdad in general and to the population within the catchments area in particular ..

Architectural planning and design

The philosophy of planning and design of such building stems from (3) main factors
The first is the nature of the hospital of “being general hospital” where more than medical & non-medical departments interact.
In such hospital “sometimes called small cities” complicated system of medical, technical and local social and behavioral and climatic) interweave.
The second is the locality and the site of the proposed design. Surely as the hospital is to be built in Babylon “a Governorate 100-Km south of the Capital Baghdad”, there are factors that should be considered in the proposed design. Specifically, the existence of the site in Babylon Governorate where the ruins of the great old city of Babylon are there.
The third, is the social, behavioral and climatic aspects of the population served by the proposed hospital where Arab-Muslim customs and habits prevail

The nature of being" General Hospital"
The proposed design was largely built on a well-defined program of spaces, functions, and departments’ zones. The many departments interact in complicated patterns, therefore their allocation is difficult to make as many of them are highly related. The design proposed a semi-basement level where mechanical works, C.S.S.D., kitchen, laundry, changing cubicles, pharmacy, and central stores are housed. On the elevated ground floor, out-patient, medical records, administration, praying space, X-Ray, Radiology, Physiotherapy, pathology, and maternity clinic are located. The first floor accommodates. Major operating theaters, minor operation, I.C.U., medical staff changing, wards, dinning hall, and education center (library, lecture hall, and museum). The rest of floors; 2nd , 3rd , 4th , 5th, house the rest of the wards. However, Architectural and construction grid (60*60) cm and its multiple has been adopted in planning designing, and constructing the hospital. The Babylonians were the first civilization that developed the system of sixtieth that was utilized in measurements of time, distance,….etc., so the design brings the spirit of that.

 the locality and site
Although site is not given, but it is in “Governorate Babylon”, the designer has drawn many aspects from local factors. Wide corridors, spacious waiting area, and segregation of sexes, considering hot-dry climate, being near old city of Babylon, are characteristics of the proposed design. Babylonian ziggurats, hanging gardens, Babylonian gates, arches, clay bricks, glazed tiles, and Babylonian palaces have been utilized in the proposed design. The main entrance is a cut ziggurat, the wards blocks are staggered upwards like the hanging gardens but upside down to provide shadow on vertical walls in order to make air turbulences that cool wall surfaces in such hot-dry climate of Babylon. The hall at the education center where lectures, meetings and some educational and social activities occur, was designed to resemble in shape, mass, and some façade details the main halls of kings’ palaces and temples of Babylon. Finally, the touch and mystic of Babylon is revived in the design.


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