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Feasibility Studies
General Hospital of Baghdad

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Health care facilities became a scale for nations development and a title for how far the public social services offered by the governments to their nations are advanced.
Because health care services are strategic part of the whole community facilities, the enhancing of these services lead to enhancing the whole standard of life.
Within the skeleton of general health services in Iraq this project comes as a symbol of the continuous developing in the various aspect of life in this country.
The significance of this project comes from the fact that it will close a big hole within the medical services submitted to the citizens of Baghdad in general and to the population within the catchments area in particular.

Architectural Design Concept
Three issues were taken as abase in deriving the design concept, they are as follow :

  1. Functional nature of the project: as a general 200 bedded hospital which contains a wide group of departments \ medical, services, auxiliaries. Which are deeply interrelated together and make the hospital as a campus as well as its architectural entity.

  2. The place time particularity: the site is in the city of Baghdad the apital, in both Karkh& Russafa and in Iraq specifically, to be designed and executed in the beginning of the third thousand the twenty first century.

  3. Social, Economical, environmental aspects for the project and the population to be served.

-For the first issue, the project is a four stories building, ground & 1st floors contain outpatients, treatment diagnostic, services & auxiliary departments to facilitate circulation of the users of these departments.
-For the second issue the indication to the place particularity was given by group of architectural elements, forms & shapes interrelated horizontally & vertically, the main entrance was treated in a way that remind the user by the round city of Baghdad built by Abu Jaffar Al mansour and the spirits of its high and deep walls and gates from inside by the cylindrical form, from outside by a screen wall in front of the entrance with classical treatments from the Iraqi ancient castles, to give the impression of unity to the project, the side elevations ( specially the outpatient department side ) were treated on the same basis of the main elevation, but by a smaller scale because of the difference in importance.
The indication to the particularity dimension was given by the contemporary appearance of the building both outside and inside by developing a new combination and relation between classic and contemporary elements and materials and by giving a big attention to the spatial interrelation, enhancement and perception in a human and new order for these types of buildings and by giving the sense of amusement and comfort physically and spiritually considering the project as masterpiece but not an ordinary thing.
-For the third issue, it was fulfilled by treating the plans and outer surfaces in a way to achieve maximum environmental efficiency which gives the ultimate climatic comfort with using the minimum amount of energy, so using inner open courts, minimizing number and size of openings and simplifying the outer shape of the building to minimize area of outer surfaces were tools to achieve the objective. Finally an intimate human oriental local interior specially in the public spaces was created to give the spirituality of traditional simple Baghdadian environment related to simple and clear routes of circulation.


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