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Greater attention by health authorities necessitates more health institutions to enhance health care in any country.
Special programs to build hospitals especially general hospitals in Iraq is a main objective of the central government.
This is to proposed a design of a General Hospital building of 100 beds in Al-Qadessia Governorate in Iraq.
This report will use the client's requirements as guidelines to the architectural aspects, structural issues and engineering services matters.
In part one the architectural requirements are listed and discussed as main guidelines. Part two includes the whole hospital and hospital departmental operational policies. The third part contains schedule of accommodations and summaries of areas. The fourth presents main hospital spaces an sections finishing materials. The fifth embodies the architectural design drawings. The sixth highlight the structural specifications and limitations, air-conditioning, sanitary, and electrical systems parameters, respectively based on client's requirements.

v The client has kindly presented the architectural requirements as will be listed below. These requirements are highly considered in the proposed design.
v Development and enhancement wherever needed is done in our proposal of schedules of accommodations.
v These requirements were listed as follows:-

main Entrance, Out patients department, Emergency department, Operating theatres department, Delivery theatres department, Administration department, Central services department, In-patients nursing units/wards, Research and development or scientific department, Central laboratories and blood bank department, X-ray or radiology diagnostic department, Intensive care unit I.C.U, Cardiac ward, Morgue, Outdoor information an waiting area& Doctor's (Male and Female) residence.

However, these main departments and headlines fall into main clusters of major functions of a general hospital and as follows:-

  1. In- patients functions.

  2. Diagnostic and treatment functions.

  3. Supply and disposal functions.

  4. Supporting (Medical and non-medical) functions.

  5. Administration functions.

  6. Works and engineering services functions.

v Prior to discussing list of spaces / accommodations the following part . Part two will introduce main issues of the whole hospital and departmental operational policies.

The Design's Concept :
The design concept is created by locating the main circulation core in the middle of the project which has four lifts.
Passing from the main entrance to the other departments through main corridor intersected with middle landscape court is achieved. Many of special patients' room and doctors' residence which are distributed on the upper floors and administration department located above the main entrance in the first floor look down upon the middle court, hence observation and supervision is achieved.
The user can reach to the services department from rear side of the project or from emergency side entrance where the car park is located.
The scientific department is located in the left part of the project and reach to it through main entrance directly without penetration any other departments of the hospital is possible.
The proposed design resolves the problem of heavy traffic in the out patients department by an entrance and wide reception, controlling escalators lead to X-ray, laboratory, the operating theaters and delivery suites which are located at the right part of first floor of the project. In the first floor also ICU and CCU occupy the left portion.


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