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Feasibility Studies
General Hospital of Diala

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Iraq’s urgent need for health institutions necessitates greater attention by Health Ministry officials, with particular focus on especial programs to build hospitals especially general hospitals in all Iraqi provinces including Diala. Hence the proposal to design .bed public hospital in Diala was presented to fill gaps in health facilities buildings.

Design system
Because no specific location has been designated for hospital site, a proposal has been presented to describe the relation between departments, and the building’s horizontal and vertical expansion capacity. Using 1.20*1.20 m. Modular as the basic measurement unit in architectural plans is adopted in the design of the project. Choosing these dimensions is based on their appropriateness in term of capacity, movement, medical furniture, and equipment, also, in term of construction and services.
A unified system has been applied for the standard forms of stereotype rooms of the complete programmer of public hospitals. Dimension of these rooms have been driven from the measurement in the literature. Unit system philosophy is followed to obtain building structures as well as basic design units.

The proposed design consists of a ground floor including all common medical service units. The hospital wards are at the 1st, 2nd and third floor for future extension they are directly linked to other hospital sections.


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