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Liver diseases center

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The aim of this project is to extend and add more facilities, zones and requirements to the existing Digestive and Liver diseases centre in Baghdad without hindering or affecting the daily usage of the existing facilities and buildings, i.e., no stoppage of functioning. In these few pages description of the proposed design of the extension for this centre is furnished. The extension, however, is important to achieve an adequate centre that provides for the care of digestive system and liver diseases. The design was based on site visits and analysis of existing conditions, and the needed functions and requirements by the client. The architectural solution and structural concepts are outlined briefly. The medical gases proposal is also demonstrated for its impact on the design.

Site visits, existing conditions and design philosophy:
Site had been visited many times and tours done too. The client kindly had forwarded the drawings of the existing buildings, layout and the functional requirements of the needed extension too. From the drawings and visits, an empty plot of (100x18)m is available for the extension as Fig (1) shows. The conditions of the existing buildings from functional and structural point of view are fair. But because the structural conditions of the existing buildings, modern buildings construction is difficult to be added on the top of them. Any alteration on the envelope of the existing buildings is difficult since they are built on thick bearing walls system (48 cm).
However, while constructing the existing buildings will not be closed or stopped of functioning, the proposed design of the extension of the Digestive system and liver diseases will be largely designed on the empty new plot area mentioned previously. A simple overlap with the existing buildings will be done, as one storey of construction is added on the top of the new annex of the outpatients Department. The drawings of the proposed design will show these instances.



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