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Blood diseases and various types of tumor (cancer) had been spread in Iraq due to many factors. However, south of Iraq and Basrah region had a noticeable rate of blood diseases and tumor types. The erection of centers that cater for such diseases is of importance and priority. Basrah region is to have an example of such centers. These centers are highly specialist institutes in many respect . architecturally, they are large and complicated in their requirements . Structurally, they demand huge super structures, and special kinds of structural envelops for sake of bearing heavy machinery and radiation protection and isolation. Engineering services wise, systems of these services need special care in designing, installation and operation. The planners and designers of this project highly respected the general objectives and polices of such institute. In addition, accommodations (spaces, rooms, sections and departments) and their estimated areas in m2 have affected the design of the project. The design and planning concepts have been depicted in the drawings enclosed.

Architectural planning and design PHILOSOPHY

The planning of this project has been based on main criteria that are relevant to the :-
The nature of the project as it is a "highly" specialized diagnostic and therapeutic centre. Demands of high technology in medical equipment and processing of patients in medical sense is noticeable. This introduces many hindering factors that restrict design decision. For example some zones like, radiology, chemo therapy are bound to be isolated from the main building of the centre /hospital, and NO extension is allowed (what so ever ) on the roof of such zones.
The nature of site where in this case is not specified and site is hypothesized, in terms of characteristics.
The locality of Basrah city as a port in southern region of Iraq is to be considered too.
Thus, the design concept from the architectural point of view respected these three planning considerations.
Firstly, it sticks somehow to practiced and common configuration of functional relationships between other similar hospitals' departments.
Secondly, it considers availability of site in Basrah city. An important consideration is taken into account in the design, e.g., the building has no basement because of the soil characteristic in Basrah, under ground water table is high, weak soil bearing capacity as well.
Thirdly, the unique characteristics of Basrah city as being a sea port, hot and humid at summer where southern winds prevail, the design has preferred to draw comparison in some elements to the port, e.g., the elevated entrances (to match the port decks and ship decks) . The similarity between some design elements of ships, ship yards and hulls is appreciated in the proposed design.



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