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Feasibility Studies
8 Specialized health centre in Baghdad


Outlined basic planning principles and architectural design concepts of eight specialized health care centers were incorporated in this scheme. These centres are

  1. The digestive and liver diseases.

  2. The infertility and I.V.F.

  3. The E.N.T.

  4. The endocrine gland.

  5. The bone marrow transplant center.

  6. The dental diseases center.

  7. The training Al-Noor.

  8. The allergy and asthma and finally.

The company had the full detail for each specialized centre which was introduced separately from the planning and design points of view. The brief description of each center, the space/ accommodation schedules, the origins and concepts of the architectural design, and the design itself have been outlined.

The digestive and liver diseases

The infertility and I.V.F


The E.N.T.


The endocrine gland.


The bone marrow transplant center.


The dental diseases center.


The training Al-Noor.


The allergy and asthma and finally.




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