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Particular focus on special programs to build hospitals especially general hospitals in all Iraqi provinces is a major intention. A program f 50-Beds General Hospitals shall render health care both on preventative and therapeutic level in many catchments areas in Iraq. A 50-Beds hospital comprises the facilities of a general hospital where diagnosis and treatment activities are housed.

Architectural Design Concept:
The design concept depends mainly on the functional inter-relationships between the hospital departments and sections. The resulted design has a horizontal massing layout where the outpatient's department is separated in term of entry and access for the heavy traffic of users. The main entrance allows access to administration and part of scientific departments.
For special patients, the emergency department is separated by another entrance to counterbalance the outpatient.
The services and doctors' residences are separated and connected with horizontal exterior movement route covered with ribbed slab like an arcade vertically to the other departments such as inpatients by vertical movement accessible from out side the hospital's mass through the exterior.
To realize the massing unity and studying area, the core was put in the middle of the building connecting all hospital's departments and avoiding cross-flow of patients and staff.
The first floor includes operation theatres I.C.U., and C.C.U. departments
The inpatients' wards are at the second floor.


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