The company objectives are to conduct general contracting works including building and construction, especially works related to establishing expanding, demolishing, building and construction maintenance.

The tasks cover many building and construction types Roads, Bridges, Railways, Airports, Hospitals, Dams, Reservoir, Irrigation schemes, Harbours, water and Sewerage network, water treatment plants, offices, Housing campuses, and other public buildings including highly specialized in function. ALAMAD looks ahead for an ambitious plan to expand and involve in more constructing and erection tasks, including joint venture with an Austrian company (HERESCHWERKE) to execute the Iraqi Centre for Heart Diseases (I.C.H.D.), Ministry of Health Iraq, the company will also execute projects for the Health Care System as well as AGMEST. Concentration on health facilities, and office buildings, housing projects and infra-structure schemes is the company's ambitious strive.


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